CINBIOS - a catalyst for industrial biotechnology

CINBIOS - katalysator voor de industriële biotechnologie

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CINBIOS connects companies & knowledge centers active in industrial biotech in a single network. It is a common initiative of FlandersBio, Ghent Bio-Economy Valley & essenscia, representing the major Flemish stakeholders in this innovation driven pillar of the knowledge based bio-economy.

CINBIOS, de cluster voor industriële biotechnologie, brengt ondernemingen en kenniscentra werkzaam in deze sector samen in één netwerk. Het is een gezamenlijk initiatief van FlandersBio, Ghent Bio-Economy Valley & essenscia.

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Industrial Biotech in Flanders

Over the past years, biotechnology has found its way into a variety of industrial sectors. Industrial or “white” biotech not only offers more efficient, less energy-intensive and better-for-the-environment alternatives to traditional processes, it is also a source of new substances and products.

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