SEO link building explained

Even the best SEO in the uk specialists tend to lose sight of the real goal in the context of link building – who in the Google ranking on the upper places wants to stand in order to increase the page traffic, which can not do without good links. It should be noted that a good link should bring real visitors – so whether the link here follows or no-follow, should not be the main thing – important is the relevance for the user. And this is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff. The offer for good backlink sources is great Whether social media or forums and blogs, there are a variety of possible linkers that can generate real traffic. It is not decisive whether the link is linked to a blog or a forum, it is the combination of page traffic of the link source and the link relevance for the user, which makes a difference here. Because even the best link source is useless, the link offers no interesting content for the user. This makes the possible link position another point to consider for good backlink sources: Content links (to explain specific content further) The following links (for an explanation by references or further links) comment links Footer links or sidebar links Sidebar links and footer links are generally a very sparse source of links. They are rarely noticed and do not bring any significant traffic – it is fair to say that these are bad link sources. SEO services uk to improve the Google ranking The setting of links does not always have the same task. In addition to the traffic links, which should direct many visitors to the desired website, there are also the classic SEO backlinks. These are out to use the website position for the Google search results. Among other things, the Google Ranking system uses algorithms designed to determine the quality of a website that is relevant to real users. Although it is not clear to what extent external links, which are editorially involved, attach a value to Google, it has become established in recent years to strengthen them. For this, SEOs use specially created content that allows a meaningful embedding of links to a specific topic. In this context, it is absolutely important that the integration of the link is as natural as possible. Christoph Bacher, owner of the SEO services UK , calls the naturalness of a backlink indispensable: “If you rely on the fact that neither the Google algorithm nor a real Google employee can classify the link source that plays with the fire – Inappropriate and thus unnatural link sources lead to painful punishments by Google in an emergency. “For the classification of links, this means that the continuation of the link within the content must be consistent. Ideally, it is a link that can not be replaced by any other link. The link neighbors are important too But not only the actual link source, so the blog or the forum and the link position are important – even the immediate links within the content unit play a role. Because the neighbor link is recognized as a bad link source, the own link has little chance. In general, it is advisable to work with high-quality reference links. These should point to trusted sources that make sense in the overall context. Ensure good link sources with the right link building Anyone who has understood the difference between good and bad link sources, it is quickly clear that for a helpful link building, a professional help is necessary. Of course, the basic idea is always that you should offer content that is so interesting for users that they are linked by themselves. However, this is not always that easy. Especially in the field of highly competitive services, you have to be very creative for a natural link building without instructed links – or emerge at the right time in the right social network. For all others, however, professional SEO is a good option. You are able to find suitable websites for every requirement. If the links are integrated within a suitable container, chances are that they will be accepted by Google and by users as good links. Conclusion – what are good and bad links Whether you’re traveling on your own, or backlinks for a customer, it’s important to know the basics of good and bad link sources. Good link sources have to offer: The links bring real visitors interested in content to the website. Excellent link sources have voluntarily set the link for no return. The integrated links offer the user real added value. This means bad link sources have these features: Bad link sources work with obviously exchanged links. The links are obviously bought. The integration of the links editorial makes no sense. Neither a link exchange nor the purchase of links is illegal. Also, Google can not penalize pages because of individual incidents. However, if it is clear that the website is working on putting only content for purchased or exchanged links online, it can lead to a punishment. If your own links can be found on a large number of such pages, this has a negative impact on your own ranking.