The aim of this project is to introduce biocatalysis as Key Enabling Technology in the traditional chemical industry. Biocatalysis is a technology that uses enzymes instead of anorganic catalysts to catalyse or speed up chemical processes. The main target group is the Flemish chemical industry that is still mainly making use of conventional chemical conversion techniques.

Biocatalysis is one of the 2 key technologies within Industrial Biotechnology (with the second one being fermentation). Replacing traditional chemical processes by biocatalytic processes typically results in a lower energy consumption and an increase in yield, reaction selectivity and purity of the final product. In addition, less toxic waste is produced during the process. As a result, biocatalysis is leading to a greener chemical industry.

Two types of events will be organized: generic information sessions giving an overview of the potential of biocatalysis for the chemical industry, and more dedicated workshops in which possible biocatalytic alternatives will be presented for specific chemical processes. Throughout the project, national and internationally renowned experts will be consulted for additional high level advice.

The BIOKATALYSE project is supported financially by Agentschap Ondernemen, in the framework of "Vlaanderen in Actie" and "Nieuw Industrieel Beleid".